6 Little Things You Can Do to Help Your Senior Loved One Avoid a Fall

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Accidental falls are not something that you or your senior loved one want her to experience. Try these suggestions to help her avoid falling when she’s at home.


Exercise helps to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination.  It’s also super for your overall wellbeing – especially when you can engage friends!  Always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Change out Lighting

The odds are very good that your senior loved one’s home could use some improved lighting. If the fixtures aren’t working well or they’re rated for lower wattage bulbs, consider changing them out.

Otherwise, make sure that you’ve got bright light bulbs in all of the fixtures so that your loved one has plenty of light to see her way around.

Use Rugs with a Grippy Backing

Throw rugs that have no backing at all or that have a slippery backing can slide very easily when your loved one steps on them just the wrong way. Look for rugs that have a grippier backing so that they stay put. Another alternative is to use carpet tape to secure throw rugs in place. If that doesn’t work well, consider getting rid of the rugs altogether.

Move Items Around to Reduce the Need for a Step Stool

The last thing that you want to hear is that your loved one fell off of a step stool or a ladder when she was trying to get something off of a high shelf. The best way around this problem is to rearrange items so that the ones that she needs most often are in lower cabinets and on lower shelves. That reduces the need for her to have to climb anything.

Talk to Your Senior Loved One’s Doctor

Your loved one’s doctor can give you lots of help when it comes to helping your loved one avoid falls. If one hasn’t happened for awhile he/she can do a physical check up.  Things like joint pain, and numbness in feet & legs can seriously impair mobility.  Side effects from her medication, including over the counter medications can cause numerous problems related to balance, dizziness etc.  Vision difficulties can also impact the ability to see obstacles that can be tripping hazards. Annual eye exams are free of charge for individuals 65 yrs and older in Ontario.  Encourage your loved one to take advantage of this!

Check those Feet & Get Some New Shoes for Your Loved One

Regular foot care by a professional is important to the health of seniors.  Healthy, tpainfree feet allow seniors to stay active!

Plenty of people don’t enjoy wearing shoes at home and that might be true for your loved one, too. One thing that shoes do really well, however, is to provide a stable surface for your loved one’s feet. Make sure that you choose shoes that fit her well and that have a supportive sole with a good amount of grip.

You might also want to consider hiring senior home care providers for your loved one. They can help you to spot potential hazards before they cause a fall for your loved one.

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Thanks to Elia Machado RPN of Comfort Your Soles Footcare for her expertise in this article.

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