Ageless Grace now available from At Your Service for Seniors!

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Ageless Grace is a program of fitness for the brain and the body based on the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity.  21 tools or exercises are practised to great music while seated in a chair, in order to strengthen the core, the spine, the internal organs and the energy systems of the body. The tools activate all 5 functions of the brain and address the 21 physical skills necessary to maintain lifelong youthful function!  Ageless Grace is a super fun exhilarating workout designed for individuals of all ages including seniors!

One of our Associates, Odile, is a Certified Instructor of Ageless Grace.  She takes clients of At Your Service for Seniors through the fun of Ageless Grace.  Odile also is the instructor at Chalmers Seniors’ Satellite (342 Pond Mills Rd.).  One of the persons taking part had this to say:  “Odile’s class -Ageless Grace- was a lot of fun and and very energizing! Odile is a very personable and engaging instructor with lots of enthusiasm!”

Contact At Your Service for Seniors and engage Odile to provide Ageless Grace sessions for your favourite senior!!



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