Caring for Seniors at Home: The Affordable Solution

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Homecare is a service that provides aging individuals with non-medical support through life’s day to day activities. Homecare involves a huge number of services. For example, scheduling doctor’s appointments, driving you to appointments, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Homecare is all about making day to day activities manageable, while improving the quality of life in our client’s golden years. Aging gracefully with dignity and independence is what we offer our clients. But did you know that homecare is also an affordable solution? When compared with traditional nursing homes and assisted living facilities, homecare offers dramatic savings.

Is Homecare Right For You?
It is important to note that homecare is not right for everyone. Homecare provides tailored services intended to improve the quality of life for those seniors still capable of some day to day functions and activities. At Your Service for Seniors has provided 24 hour care to several seniors over the course of the last 8 years. In situations where the need for hands on medical assistance is necessary (eg. Lifting, bathing, dressing changes etc.), assisted living in a more traditional nursing home or assisted care facility may be the right answer. These services provide around the clock care that you won’t normally find with homecare. If you think that your loved one may benefit from homecare as opposed to an assisted care facility, start by calling us to learn more about our services!

Affordable London Homecare
Finding affordable homecare in the London and surrounding area is a daunting process. There are many great services to choose from. With At Your Service for Seniors, we pride ourselves on our diligent, conscientious service offered with a kind smile and sympathetic ear. We don’t just provide our clients with a meal, but with conversation and compassion. Understanding and responding to the needs of our clients is our priority. We provide not only our clients but also their loved ones with the peace of mind that comes with reliable, professional homecare.

The Cost of Homecare Vs. Assisted Living
As a rule of thumb, if you are spending less than 40 hours / week on paid homecare then you are saving money. However, depending on the expenses associated with mobility accommodations and extra arrangements for your parent’s comfort then assisted living may be less expensive. However, the familiarity and independence that comes with living in one’s own home is immeasurable! Financial stability is a big factor when it comes to quality of life. Before your loved one requires homecare, it is always a good idea to have a conversation about their personal finances. Visiting a financial planner is one way to make sure your parent is set up for their golden years.

Calculating The Cost of Homecare
To calculate the estimated cost for homecare, start by estimating the number of hours that your loved one will require homecare, and multiply this by the hourly rate of the homecare service of your choosing. This will provide you with a ballpark figure for the cost of homecare. However, to get a more accurate picture start by finding out exactly what type of homecare your loved one will require. At Your Service for Seniors provides non-medical homecare support, meanwhile other services offer additional medical services. Start by requesting an assessment from Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) through your family doctor or other healthcare practitioner. Based on the amount and type of assistance via CCAC (ie government paid) you can calculate what other needs your parent may require. For example, medical home health care/personal care such as bathing, dressing, and wound care may warrant an hour per day (or more or less) from CCAC (depending on your loved one’s unique situation) while other supports such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, companionship, transportation etc. may require 5 hours per week In addition to the homecare expenses don’t forget to factor in household expenses.

Homecare in Ontario
Based on the above scenario, the cost would be (5 x hourly rate) $112.50 per week. This translates to $450.00 per month. Meanwhile, a long-term care facility such as an assisted living facility or nursing home costs upwards of $126.00 per day, or $3780.00 per month. For those who are suited for homecare, the savings are clear. At Your Service for Seniors makes it possible for our aging clients to enjoy their golden years from the comfort of their own home. It also makes it possible for the children and loved ones of our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their parents are being cared for.

To learn more about how At Your Service for Seniors can improve the life of your loved one, contact us today!

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