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At Your Service for Seniors values the letter “C”. The Four C’s upon which we model our service are: Caring, Compassion, Communication, and Co-operation.

“Connections” is the fifth “C”. At Your Service For Seniors has a President and a growing number of Associates and, starting this month, there is now a “Connections Co-ordinator”. In my role as Connections Co-ordinator I will be assisting the President, Joan Turner, with strengthening connections within the company of Associates and with existing client, going into the community to connect with potential clients who could benefit from connecting with AYSFS, and connecting clients and Associates with community resources to enhance our knowledge of meeting the many challenges and aspects of aging.

I may be new to the At Your Service for Seniors company roster but I have been watching AYSFS grow from the time of Joan’s first promotional presentation back in the fall of 2007 at a seniors’ apartment building in southwest London. Word of mouth quickly spread and the number of clients grew and grew. I continue to witness the gentle care, attentive support, and genuine respect which Joan and her Associates generously provide to seniors. In a wide variety of ways AYSFS supports their clients to live and flourish independently.

If you, as a client, family member, or Associate have a suggestion how we could improve in the area of any of the 4 C’s, please let us know with an email to or call us at (519) 872-0875.

Heather Corbet
AYSFS’s Connections Co-ordinator

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