December 2014 Newsletter

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There’s a chill in the air (again!) and the stores are starting to sparkle with tinsel and glittering lights. The intent is to convey a feeling of joy and happiness as we approach the Holiday/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza season. If you’re out in the mall this time of year you’ll hear folks say “It wasn’t like that when we were young.” or “We never did it that way.” With each passing year there are more changes, more technology, more spending and more expectations. How do you cope – especially when you may not physically be able to do all you used to do?

At Your Service for Seniors can support you as you like: buying, wrapping gifts; sending cards; cleaning your home for the annual onslaught of family and friends; helping you to host the party or open house that you so love to put on; baking some special holiday treats; or making you a meal when you feel you have no strength left!

For those of you that are ‘sandwich’ed’ between senior parents and younger family members the load and stress can seem impossible! At Your Service for Seniors can help to ease the strain by getting those groceries for Grandma, or taking her to the hair appointment, or getting her to the Christmas recital to see her favourite grandchildren perform while you busy yourself with ensuring they have their costumes on and lines memorized! This festive season can be so demanding, but don’t dismay as there’s always another option and help available!

If you find yourself scratching your head over what to get for your favourite seniors, don’t forget that what they really want is you! So let us take care of the preparations and the worry over their wellbeing by giving them a Gift Certificate to the services of At Your Service for Seniors. You’ll have less to shop for and less concern over how you’re going to manage to squeeze in getting their groceries and getting their dog to the vet for a nail trim etc if you let us help you to help them!

In this edition of our Newsletter, we bring you lots of our usual tidbits regarding current community events, recent happenings, and safety information as well as a special feature on a special client! (If you or someone you know would like to be the feature client in our next, please let us know!) The format of this edition is changing somewhat to enable the use of technology and slick electronic communications.

Our next Newsletter will be on its way to you in 2015, so until then, from all of our families to all of yours, Have a very safe and enjoyable festive season!

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