Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are non-medical home care services?

Non medical homecare services include the following:

  • Transportation & Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Caring Companionship
  • Shopping & Errand Services
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry Services
  • Change Bed Linens
  • Organize Cupboards, Closets etc.
  • Arrangement of Appointments
  • Light Mending
  • Mail Pickup & Mail Organization
  • Letter Writing & other communications assistance
  • Plant & Pet Care
  • Assistance with home computer use
  • Daily Call in


They do NOT include any service which requires a license or certification (ex. Plumbing or electrical) or is illegal. They also do NOT include any medical or personal care.

2. Doesn’t CCAC provide those services?

Services provided by At Your Service for Seniors are generally not provided by CCAC. The

exception to this would be in the case of a person who has been in receipt of services

from CCAC for a considerable length of time and date back to when CCAC provided a

wider array of services (ex. cooking and cleaning). Also, unlike CCAC, the time spent

by At Your Service for Seniors is not limited but rather may be as much as the Client


3. What is so special about At Your Service for Seniors?

We are a small group of dedicated, caring, knowledgeable individuals who have

come together to do what we can to enable seniors to live with dignity in their own

homes. For every one of us, this is not a job, but a calling. We have not taken on

these extremely important responsibilities of assisting seniors to make money. We

strive to add value and meaning to lives. We have come from many varied backgrounds

including; management, teaching, law enforcement, florist, nutrition services, and

more. We all have the same purpose, to assist those vulnerable folks in society, whose

company we enjoy, to stay in their own homes.

4. Are the service providers trained and trustworthy?

In order to be selected as a service provider (Associate) of At Your Service for Seniors, the individual must meet and exceed the following criteria:

  • Police Records check for work with vulnerable persons;
  • Current registration of First Aid and CPR training;
  • At least three excellent references;
  • Excellent Driver’s Abstract
  • Previous experience in providing excellent customer service;
  • Previous experience with senior citizens; and
  • Be empathetic, caring, compassionate and patient as well as an excellent listener.

5. Is At Your Service for Seniors insured?

Yes, At Your Service for Seniors is covered by $2 million commercial liability insurance as well

as appropriate automobile insurance. Associates are also covered by WSIB.

6. Is At Your Service for Seniors a franchise operation?

No, At Your Service for Seniors is a local, independent, owner operated organization.

It is not connected or associated with any franchise or other company which provides

non medical services.

7. I need to go to an appointment, but don’t have a car anymore and I use a walker. How could At Your Service for Seniors help me? What if I use a wheelchair?

The At Your Service for Seniors Associate would arrive at your residence, and after

ensuring you had all your necessary items for the appointment with you, direct you to

the vehicle. The vehicle could be either your own or the Associate’s. Once you are

comfortably seated and belted into the car, the Associate would pack your walker into

the trunk or back seat of the car.

Once at your destination, the Associate would accompany you to the appointment (but

only into the exam room/office/treatment room upon your request). Note that if additional

involvement is requested, the Associate could assist with the preparation of questions and

comments to be discussed in the appointment, cue the discussion of each of those, take

notes and review those notes with you and/or your family later. After finishing with the

appointment, the Associate would then guide you back to the car and to your home.

Provided your wheelchair was one that could be folded for transport, the same process

would occur as with the walker.

For those situations where you must attend an appointment in a large or unfamiliar

facility, the navigation assistance can be invaluable.

8. How do I pay for services provided by At Your Service for Seniors?

Payment for services provided by At Your Service for Seniors may be made by automatic funds transfer,

email money transfer, electronic transfer, cash, cheque, or money order. If you bank with Libro Credit

Union, invoices may be paid online, at the branch or by telephone banking. Invoices are generated monthly

for clients. Any payments returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $50 charge levied

on the client’s account.

9. I’m a veteran. Does At Your Service for Seniors accept payment through the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Yes, At Your Service for Seniors is proud to be affiliated with the VIP program with the

Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

10. Is the cost of services provided by At Your Service for Seniors tax deductible?

If the client has be designated “Disabled” by Canada Revenue Agency, he/she may

be able to claim the cost of services provided by At Your Service for Seniors on his/her

income tax form as eligible deductions.

11. What’s the cost and are there a minimum number of hours?

The hourly rate is $24.50 per hour. If the Client is also receiving services from CCAC

or some other subsidized organization, the HST may be exempted from in home

services. The minimum number of hours for each service visit is generally one hour.

Time is charged to the next closest quarter hour. For transport service there is also

a fee of 50 cents/kilometre starting from and ending at the client’s home. (see end of

document for more details regarding billing for transportation.)

Rates are also available for overnight care. Please contact for details.

12. Would a different service provider come to my house each time?

No, we strive to connect one Associate with each Client. One of the key elements to

our success is an emphasis on fostering a strong bond between the Associate and the

Client that provides confidence and peace of mind for the Client.

13. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to go to a nursing home?

The approximate cost for a single bed in a ward style room in a nursing home is more

than $1,800 per month. By purchasing services from At Your Service for Seniors in

addition to medical assistance through CCAC, you may be able to continue to enjoy

your own home at a fraction of the cost of long term care.

14. Do Clients sign a contract?

Yes, we ask that individuals seeking services (or their representative) from At Your

Service for Seniors sign a legal agreement. This agreement includes references to

privacy and confidentiality as well as billing protocol. It does not indicate a time

length, services may be terminated generally any time.

15. How do I contact At Your Service for Seniors?

At Your Service for Seniors can be contacted by phone at either 519-872-0875 or 519-

672-7163, and via email at info@atyourserviceforseniors.ca

16. Are Gift Certificates available?

Absolutely! Gift certificates may be obtained for any current or future clients of At

Your Service for Seniors. They may be purchased in hour amounts. They make excellent

and well appreciated gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s Day,

Father’s Day or just because! They are perfect for the hard to buy for senior on any


17. More information regarding transportation services:

The hourly rate will apply unless there is a service interruption of 30 minutes or more, in which case the

rate will be one hour of service for each portion of the trip. If the transportation is to a destination out of

London, the hourly rate will apply (no service interruption permitted).