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Among the many outstanding individuals that we are proud to have as clients, there are a few particularly talented ones. Jeannetta Drobot is one of those as she has an incredible artistic talent. In a recent conversation Jeannetta shared a bit more about that talent and her life as she looks back on 92 years.SmallWharfbyJeanettaDrobot

Jeannetta is a local gal, born just east of Woodstock in 1922. As a young girl during the time of the Depression from 1929 to 1939 Jeannetta learned to value hard work and saving. ‘Extras’ like art and painting weren’t a part of her life at all. She learned more practical skills like accounting, shorthand & typing to earn her way in the world. Jeannetta was fortunate to work with a firm that did printing and she ran the greeting card section. In those days most greeting cards were decorated from copies of drawings, paintings etc. This proved to be an excellent exposure to the world of art for her!

As time went on and WW11 raged in Europe, Jeannetta met a gentleman that would become her husband! After marrying and having a daughter, it was only a short time before the call came for him to go to war. He was gone for 4 years. Upon his return from war, Jeannetta’s husband had problems acclimatizing. The young family struggled to get along but after a number of years Jeannetta found herself living as a single parent. By 1957 she had a job of her own and bought her own house. Over the next 7 years she worked and saved so that she almost had the house paid off – such a credit to her strength of character and determination!

In 1962 she met Bill and they were married the next year. He was a supervisor in the military which meant he was frequently transferred to different locations. They moved to Quebec City, then Kingston, Ottawa, and finally London in 1977. While in Kingston, Jeannetta used her savings from the previous house she had had and bought another one – this time paying CASH!!

Back in London in 1978 Bill & Jeannetta bought a 5th wheel motor home and travelled each winter to Arizona. Jeannetta got quite interested in painting while in Arizona and for 9 years was part of the Southwest Heritage Community Art Association. She worked under the tutelage of another artist, Ron Bergen who she says has been her biggest artistic influence. Back in London in the summers Jeannetta joined a group of other painters at the Kiwanis Seniors’ Centre. This continued until 1994 when they moved to Lethbridge. It was in Lethbridge that Jeannetta participated in her first art show. Between sales in Lethbridge and Mesa Arizona she sold more than 50 pieces of art. When asked what Bill did to occupy his time while Jeannetta created her art, the response was billiards! Bill was an award winning pool player and has the trophies to prove it!

After 5 years in Alberta the couple moved yet again to Newmarket where their daughter lived. They remained there for 3 years and then in 2002 moved for the last time (almost) to their home in south west London. Jeannetta joined a painting club here in London, and was in their show every year. She was featured in an April 2012 article in the Londoner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the painting club. Most recently Jeannetta had a show of her own works at the Westmount Library (see pictures). At that show she sold another 7 of her pieces. Presently she has approximately 80 to 90 pieces of artwork unframed in her home.

Jeannetta says art has powered her life! I’d say she’s been quite the powerhouse all her life! We’re absolutely thrilled to continue to have the honour of her presence as a client of At Your Service for Seniors. She’s a real inspiration!

Thanks Jeannetta!

Mrs. Jeannetta Drobot and I first met in the autumn of 2012. She was a very active, stylishly dressed gal, not quite a nonagenarian! She and her husband, Bill, began using our services. Our Associate, Gail was delighted to meet the two of them and very much enjoyed providing them with ‘all the regular’ duties such as cooking, laundry, cleaning etc. In typical Gail style however, she didn’t stop there and often did extras. One time when their expected company on Christmas day changed their plans at the last minute, Gail surprised them by making a complete Christmas dinner for them! Gail and Jeannetta have become fast friends and spend considerable time enjoying each other’s company! Gail has also become involved in helping Jeannetta with her art displays!

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