Why Choose Homecare For Your Aging Parent?

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Caring for an aging parent can be overwhelming. At Your Service for Seniors provides customized services that make it possible for your parent to continue living safely in their own home. For many seniors, living in their own home, the same home that they likely raised you in, makes all the difference when it comes to quality of life. We understand that. And while homecare is not the right solution for all seniors, we make it a viable option for those it suits. Choosing homecare for your aging parent allows them the independence and flexibility that they desire, and yet in a safe, monitored environment.

Benefits of Homecare: Familiarity
The home is a comfortable space. It is familiar. Seniors need stability and comfort, which is exactly what remaining in the home provides. Keep in mind that there will need to be arrangements to accommodate for differences in mobility, both now and into the future. Being surrounded by the familiar belongings, spaces, and memories can dramatically increase your aging parent’s day to day enjoyment. While assisted care facilities have a very important purpose, providing your parent with the option to stay in a familiar, memory filled space will mean a lot to them. Imagine being able to provide your parent with incredible quality of life and safety. This is what At Your Service for Seniors makes possible.

Promote Recovery with Homecare
One of the many benefits that homecare provides is enhanced recovery. As your parent ages, falls and illnesses can mean time spent in the hospital. Homecare makes it possible to reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital. By making arrangements to accommodate for differences in medical and mobility conditions, your parent can recover from the comfort of their own home. In conjunction with medical support from CCAC, At Your Service for Seniors can make this transition possible. At Your Service for Seniors provide meal preparation, shopping, transportation, take care of your parent’s home, and sees to their day to day needs. Most important will be the level of communication you’ll receive. You can be kept in the loop regarding changes in your parent’s condition, care requirements; last minute scheduling changes from CCAC, etc. You can be confident knowing that all of your parent’s needs are being addressed. The research shows that aging adults recover not only faster but to a fuller extent when they are in their own homes as opposed to hospitals or nursing homes. There is also a decreased rate of re-hospitalization with home recovery.

Homecare Is Affordable
When comparing homecare with assisted living facilities, the savings homecare provides you with are significant. The expenses associated with homecare are dramatically lower than those of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. On average, you will enjoy the savings associated with homecare if you keep homecare hours to less than 8 per day. In one study by Laura Sands of Purdue University, it was discovered that part time non-medical homecare cost just one third of traditional nursing home care. For those who don’t live in the same city as their aging parents, these savings can mean the difference between airfare for a visit just once a year or several times a year!

Homecare Promotes Dignity and Independence
Aging is hard. Along with the physical effects of aging come the physical and emotional side effects. Feeling as though you are losing control of your independence can be a debilitating mental challenge for seniors. Homecare however, makes it possible for seniors to access the support they need while maintaining their dignity and quality of life. In one study, it was learned that seniors feared the transition to a nursing home even more than they feared the end of their life. This indicates a huge obstacle that homecare can completely avoid! Homecare provides constant access to non-medical attention and the ability to age gracefully. At Your Service for Seniors offers so many different, totally customizable services that finding the right combination of lifestyle add-ons for your aging parent is simple!

At Your Service for Seniors Offerings
From help checking email and making phone calls, to personalized armchair exercises (Ageless Grace), social outings and much more At Your Service for Seniors provides unique options for your unique parent. In addition to providing an enhanced quality of life, our personable team members also offer companionship! Seniors spend a huge amount of time alone. At Your Service for Seniors not only provides day to day necessities but also conversation, a sympathetic ear, and a caring smile.

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