Why Laughter Might Really be the Best Medicine!

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How long has it been since you laughed so long that it made your abs hurt? Some describe that feeling as being kid again or receiving a rush of adrenaline, which makes sense. Laughter is fun, just like being a kid is or going on a roller coaster. Research has also shown that the great feeling that comes from laughter is able to do more than just makes you smile. It turns out that laughter can actually give you a workout and elevate both your health and mood.

When you share a joke with someone your body receives a rush of endorphins that floods your entire system. As a result, your muscles become less tense, relieving physical tension and stress so that you can become as relaxed as a kid – at least for up to 45 minutes.


Those endorphins also promote an overall sense of well being and can even temporarily relieve physical pain. In the end, the kind of laughter that makes your entire body shake and your face light up with a smile can actually help you relieve stress, pain, and improve your health.

For the aging, laughter may be the simplest way to improve their health. The connection that laughter creates between individuals, along with the health benefits that laughter produces, could make the exercise worthwhile for those affected by loneliness, poor immune systems, or feelings of isolation.

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