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Daniella Sanfilippo

My name is Daniella Sanfilippo and I am part of the ATYSFS family. It is not just a job, but they really give me the opportunity to do something meaningful and important in lives of their clients and their families. We take care of people and look after their mental, physical and emotional health.
It is a company that prioritizes humanized, excellent service and, above all, full of respect and love for others. This premise happens both from the company to the customers, and from the company to its associates. That’s why the result could not be different, the entire ATYSFS family committed to offering a quality service full of affection. With more than 22 years working in the health field, I feel honored to walk side by side with a leading and reliable company. Their mission is the constant improvement in providing care and well-being to everyone who walks with them.
At Your Service for Seniors