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Lianne St.Thomas

I was employed as a Program Worker in Toronto providing fun activities for seniors with Dementia. Two of the most important pieces I’ve learned from my clients are living a quality life that I’m most proud of and health comes before money. Well, I’m not the healthiest person – I love junk food, especially chips, so living a quality life (with my family) comes first to me (non-negotiable). Part of living a quality life also includes having the power to say No, in which I’m mastering, and being able to be selfless no matter what challenges come to you, so my client’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being are also important to me; I have their back! My clients will have fun in my presence. We will be singing, dancing, walking, playing cards, gardening (I’m not good at it, but I’ll do it), chatting, watching movies (crying, laughing, getting angry, feeling motivated, etc.), and figuring things out together. What’s important is just as long as our days together are one of your memorable days here on Earth, I am here for you! Thank you!

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