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Julia Russell

I was a child care provider in my home for 18 years. I have taught piano lessons for 26 years. I also teach singing lessons.

I retired from child care and started working with Seniors about 3 1/2 years ago.

I love to spend time with seniors. They have so much to teach me about life: from bird watching to cleaning to shopping, cooking, singing together on walks, driving to appointments or listening to amazing life stories. I find working for At Your Service for Seniors very wonderful.

Cheryl pic
Cheryl Petrie

I came from a customer service back ground and love to make clients feel that they matter. I have always tried to treat people the way I would like to be treated. As my mother used to say “You can catch a lot more fly’s with sugar than you can with vinegar. And mother’s know best. Right?"

Rob pic
Rob K Lawton

Hi. My name is Rob Lawton. After a 35 year career in the restaurant business from the old great Grosvenor Club to WestHaven Golf and Country Club I decided to start doing home care for the past two years.

My compassion for working with seniors started with my relationship with my beloved grandma Keenleyside. After having a serious operation and illness in 2013 I want to give care to people whom I have great respect for.