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Our Associates

Delivering Seniors’ Independence on a Silver Platter

Working in a collaborative manner are a number of men and women that have sought out
At Your Service for Seniors as an organization of choice where they can put their respect for clients first! These wonderful associates embody the At Your Service for Seniors values of reliability, trust, empathy and dedication, and pride themselves on providing exceptional service for each and every client they work with.

The Associates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, bringing all kinds of unique experience and knowledge to the table. Our associates have held diverse positions, including careers in management,
teaching, foster parents, musicians, personal trainer, nursing, accounting, business owner and more.
Most importantly, all of our associates excel in Customer Service first! After much personal reflection and consideration, they are eager to meet seniors’ non medical service needs to help seniors stay independent! Each associate seeks to not only provide the services requested, but also enable our clients to have the freedom to remain in their homes.

We take the safety and well being of each client very seriously, and ensure our team members have the required certifications and are able to uphold the At Your Service for Seniors standards at all times. Each one of our Associates have a current police records’ check to work with vulnerable persons, are fully insured, maintain first aid/ CPR certification, and have a clean driving record. They are also covered by the WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board).

If you have any questions about the associates or At Your Service for Seniors’ standards for the team, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Melissa Cunningham

Hi, My name is Melissa and I am overly grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with AYSFS.  I have over 10 years experience working with the elderly and have great passion in doing so.  Understanding the comforts of homecare, I’m elated to provide seniors the possibility to age comfortably at home.  It is my passion to assist others in many areas of their lives to ensure they have the best experience.  I have a very positive and optimistic view on life.  I am a kind, loving and energetic individual who enjoys personal self development, life coaching, cooking, baking and family life all around.  My goal is to leave your loved ones better than I found them so you’re empowered to keep living your life to the fullest.

Mercy Obazee

My name is Mercy, I am a mother of four lovely children. Over the years, I have gained several experiences and knowledge working with seniors. I have worked with seniors in their homes and within a long term residential home setting. I am committed to fostering a warm, loving and caring atmosphere for them. I enjoy spending time with, and relating to them. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children and my aging parents. I have a strong Christian faith, I  attend church regularly. I enjoy  cooking, shopping and spending time with the people I support. Above all, I love traveling with my family. Finally, I am very grateful and honored to be a part of this functioning team. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Nancy Gibson

I knew that after my retirement from the past 30 years in various personnel roles, I would want to continue to be involved in people's lives. At Your Service For Seniors is the perfect fit for me. I'm enjoying getting to know my clients, hearing their stories, and helping them to maintain an independent lifestyle - in whatever ways are important to them.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking, camping, reading, making music, and currently I’m enjoying working hard to finally give one of my clients some competition at Crokinole!

Daniel Tyo

Hi my name is Dan Tyo. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of AYSFS. As a paramedic for 36 yrs I have dealt with seniors on a pretty much daily basis and always wished on those occasions when it wasn’t a serious matter that I could just spend some time with them and hopefully cheer up their day. I also looked after my Father during his time with Cancer and currently take care of my Mother and Father in law who have various health issues. I like to walk, bicycle and read. I love finding little antique shops while travelling, not necessarily buying much just realizing that age doesn’t tarnish value. I am a big sports fan as well.  

John P Square
John Parisio

Hi, my name is John. I am so excited to be working as an associate with AYSFS. I recently ended a 30 year career as a social worker in health care. I often worked with seniors in their home helping them to make the necessary changes in order to live independently. During that time, I developed a real understanding and caring for my aging clients. I am really looking forward to serving this population in a more direct, hands-on manner. Together we can make changes for the better.

Thu Nguyen

Hello, I’m Sue, my Vietnamese name is Thu. Please smile to pronounce my name correctly. I just graduated from Fanshawe College and want to work in a meaningful position during this Covid-19 time. I love spending time with seniors and listen to their stories in life. They are amazing story tellers with real experience and adventures. Moreover, I lost my grandpa and grandma so now helping seniors can make me feel they are still around. That is why I decided to be an AYSFS Associate. You can count on me when it comes to doing chores, going shopping, or just listening to you whenever you like. I will keep you house clean and cozy, make you feel there is a small grandchild is coming to visit and help you with your daily tasks. Please do not hesitate to talk to me and ask me if you need something. I will try my best you make you feel being taken care of and loved as a family member.

Christine Thuku

I have a big heart for the seniors and have worked in the medical field for a while. I am patient and compassionate; I adapt easily to any situations. I enjoy spending time with my family as well as putting a smile on others. I desire to travel a lot before my retirement, listening to the senior’s stories give me ideas of the places I would like to visit. I can’t wait to meet new clients so I learn more from them. I am grateful to be part of the team at your service for the Seniors.

Maria Oliver

My name is Maria and I am thrilled to be a member of the At Your Service for Seniors team.  I am a kind, fun loving and energetic individual who enjoys cooking, baking, hanging out with Family and friends and my dog and cat. I love gardening and basically anything involving the outdoors.  I am a wife and mother of 2 and I have worked in the health care field for 10 years.  I am looking forward to making new friendships and helping your loved ones maintain their independence while remaining in their own homes.  

Kim Lindsay

Working with At Your Service for Seniors allows me a position where I can rely on my strength of nurturing and caring for others. My goal is to provide the best possible care and to fulfill the need seniors have to feel important and vital.  After every visit I leave with a feeling of enjoyment knowing that I was there to spend quality time with them and listen to their incredible life stories.

Rachelle Dagg

Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am so excited to be an associate of a team that can be of help to seniors! I have lots of knowledge and experience with the elderly as I was very close to all 4 of my grandparents. My Nana had Alzheimer’s and I experienced that first hand. It allowed me to be very patient and understanding. I have a big warm heart and am very easy to get along with. I enjoy going for walks or on my bike, reading, cooking, watching a good show, playing games or just a good old chit chat. I look forward to meeting with you and to give a helping hand wherever you may need it.

Peter Holden

Hello! My name is Peter, and I’m thrilled to be an associate of ‘At Your Service for Seniors’. I’m a warm-hearted and patient person, with a great sense of humor, who enjoys developing meaningful relationships with others. My mother-in-law, Elsie, lived with my wife and I during her senior years. We would spend time together talking, cooking meals and watching TV. I would take her on daytrips and drive her to appointments. This regular interaction made our bond even stronger. I truly hope to provide that same kind of support to other seniors.

Carly Miller

Hello! My name is Carly and I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful team of associates! I have been in the healthcare field for over 8 years. I’m a compassionate, patient and big hearted country girl. I have worked in home care and at LHSC providing quality care to clients and patients of all ages! I absolutely love working within the community and making new connections. I am a fun, easy going girl who enjoys live music/concerts, movies, studying martial arts, being with family and friends, and enjoying nature and life’s simple pleasures. Looking forward to this journey, and meeting many incredible people along the way and serving seniors in the community!

Harry Seo

Hello! My name is Harry, and I am a soon-to-be occupational therapist, studying at Western University. I am very excited to be part of the At Your Services for Seniors team to serve the community. I am a gentle, genuine, and patient person who likes to listen, but also enjoy sharing about my life experiences if you would let me :). I enjoy reading, playing cards, and love music, particularly singing. I have always enjoyed getting to know my neighbours in London who come from all sorts of backgrounds, and I certainly hope to get to know you too!

Amy Lee

Hello! My name is Amy, and I am delighted to be a part of At Your Service for Seniors. I am a warm-hearted, energetic, patient, and creative person who enjoys developing meaningful relationships with others. I spent the early years of my career working as a Graphic Designer. After my first son was born I decided to begin a part-time career in Personal Training. I currently teach AquaFit to seniors, and I absolutely love to see the positive impact it has on my client’s lives. I have two young boys who keep life active and exciting, as well as a wonderful husband to whom I’ve been married for 10 years. I have a very close relationship with my Grandmother. I spend time with her at least once a week and enjoy listening to her reminisce about her childhood and marriage. Taking the time to listen and help my Grandmother with daily tasks is rewarding and makes our bond even stronger. I hope I can provide that same kind of support for other seniors. I look forward to the new friendships and adventures that await me with At Your Service for Seniors.

Linda Snell

Hello, my name is Linda. I am so excited to be apart of At Your Service for Senior's. I am caring companionate and genuine person who also has a big heart! I have been a Pharmacy Technician for over 10 years and I've always gone that extra mile to help customers it's been very fulfilling. I love working with the elderly to see that smile on there face is so rewarding and they have a treasure trove of stories that I love to listen to. I have been my mom's caregiver for the last 5 years who suffers from Alzheimer's. I cherish my relationships with my Family and friends.

Carole Miron

Hello! My name is Carole and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing company. My previous career was as a International Flight Attendant. As much as I loved my work... I have always yearned to be of greater service in the community. I feel so fortunate to have career that fits who I truly am. I am honoured to be available for anyone who may need assistance. This includes all animals. I am a natural caregiver, a good listener, compassionate, empathetic and resourceful. I volunteer at St Joes Hospice and have experience caregiving for family and friends. I have studied Holistic Nutrition and can make amazing healthy meals. I do appreciate diversity and can whip up most recipes. Some of my favourite activities are singing, playing with animals, walking, gardening, organizing and being of service. I look forward to being at your service!

Oleg Jukov

Salut, hello, and privet, my name is Oleg, and I have recently moved to London to pursue my passion of studying IT security at Fanshawe. I lived with my grandmother for a great part of my life where we took care of each other and helped one another with anything that life threw at us. We enjoyed music together, played cards, played chess, cooked together and smiled together. I volunteered with organizations such as Red Cross and Victim Services and would love to continue helping in any capacity that I can.

Christa Clark

Hi there, my name is Christa. I’ve been providing care for seniors in their homes for 7 years. It has been the most rewarding work that I have done. My goal is to build quality relationships with my clients and I will always do whatever I can to help make day to day life more manageable. I can provide you with the comfort of knowing that you will always be receiving caring and consistent help.

Holly Williams

Hello, my name is Holly Williams. I am an army-brat who moved to London in 1986. I became a member of the Parkwood Mental Health Family Advisory Council this year. I also co-facilitate a Family Education class there to support family members with mental illness. I especially became interested in helping people keep their independence when my grandmother had Alzheimer, and when different friends and family members experienced various health problems. Over the years I have volunteered for many causes such as MS Bike ride, Sunfest, El-Systema, CNIB, groups within my church and events at Parkwood. It has provided me with many ways to personally help my friends and community. Initially, I have been a certified Payroll Manager with the Canadian Payroll Association for over 25 years working in both private and public corporations. I also started to prepare personal taxes in the winter. Now I am looking forward to a more people approach to my days through working with At Your Service for Seniors. I have many interests such as live music, plays, cards, travel, walks by the water and my cat! I have even dabbled in Paint-Night and other crafty things. Hopefully I can be of some for help you.

Dennis Koopman

Hi, I have been a Londoner most of my life and am looking forward to making things better together. I have a recent degree in Sociology from Western followed by Gerontology Interprofessional Practice Certificate from Fanshawe. I have been engaged with a wide assortment of employment and volunteer positions, honing my interpersonal skills. All the while I made sure that my parents were able to live life fully in their own home. I want to make a positive difference.

helpful at your service staff lynda
Lynda McLeod

Hello, my name is Lynda and I'm thrilled to be part of the At Your Service for Seniors team. I look forward to meeting you.

Amy Cheetham

Hello, my name is Amy. I am a mother of 2 children and have lived in London all my life. I was a small business owner for many years. I love arts & crafts, crocheting, knitting, baking and photography. I'm excited to start my new journey with At Your Service for Seniors. Understanding the value of the comfort of home, I'm happy to help in any way that I can.

Barb Garnaitis

Hi! I have been helping seniors in their homes for the past 7 years. It is my passion and joy to spend time with seniors and I have come to love and respect their wisdom gleaned from their life experiences. As they face challenges in their aging years, it is with kindness and patience that I seek to help them overcome. I am very glad to be joining the At Your Service for Seniors team.

caring at your seniors staff tracy
Tracy Gavloski

Hello, My name is Tracy. I am a wife and a mother to a 17 year old son. I have lived in London all of my life. Currently I do family home support for a child with disabilities. Before doing support work I was a Travel Agent for 10 years. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people and love hearing about people's life experiences. I believe it is so important for seniors to remain in their homes for as long as possible and I feel honoured that I can help make that happen. I believe my purpose in life is to help others. Some of my hobbies and interests are card & board games, cooking, watching classic movies, reading fiction, music, computers & technology and walks with my dog. I look very forward to meeting you and helping in any way that I can.

business lady with arms crossed smiling
Lynda Fox

Hi there my name is Lynda Fox. In my past life I was a business owner, real estate agent and held many customer service positions. The highlight was working at a golf course interacting with the Senior's league, it was a pleasure listening to their stories and getting to know them. On a personal note, I am a mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of two. We enjoy getting together for family events along with my mother who is also very close to my daughters. For five years I was a caregiver to a close member of our family that endured a terrible illness. I have gained insight of how people's lives can dramatically change during a health crisis and the effects on the family. I look forward to assisting you with the day to day chores that will help you maintain your independence and dignity.

kind at your service staff emily
Emily Stapleton

I am a Registered Social Service Worker and I am currently going to school to become a Registered Nurse. I love helping people. I also enjoy speaking with people and I believe seniors are very wise and have a lot of knowledge to share. I believe it is very important to empower seniors and foster their independence. I look forward to helping seniors in any way I can to ensure they continue to have an optimal quality of life.

Rob Schwarzer

After 36 years at Parkwood Hospital as a health care provider I decided I needed a change of pace and different setting. I am looking forward to helping seniors in their home with various tasks and getting the chance to meet new people and take on new challenges. I am a willing participant in conversation of all topics and have a knack for making people chuckle even when they don't want to...and I love hearing about a persons past experience and life stories all while knowing I will be gaining wisdom and enjoyment from them.

Glenna Harris

After providing customer service in tourism for 20+ years, I was yearning to do something more meaningful. While escorting tour groups for seniors, I discovered my innate ability to get along with older adults. I’m naturally curious, so I love hearing stories and learning from the wisdom our elders have to share. Watching my grandmother live with Dementia and Macular Degeneration gave me a new level of sympathy towards the challenges of growing older. If I can help brighten a senior’s day by just being there with a smile, and help out with simple daily tasks to allow them to stay in their own home longer, I am genuinely happy to help any way I can.

caring at your service for seniors staff robyn
Robyn Hall

I have over 30 years customer service experience, 20 in the home health care sector. I helped seniors select mobility equipment, daily living aids, support garments, breast prosthesis and wigs.

I understand fully the challenges seniors face day to day and how they need to be treated with sensitivity and respect. I enjoy being with seniors very much! I find their knowledge and life experiences very interesting. Being able to help them keep their dignity and independence is very rewarding to me and I look forward to giving the best quality service I can give with AYSFS.

On a personal note I am a foodie and music addict who enjoys cooking, music, entertaining and just hanging out with my husband and twin daughters.

thoughtful at your service for seniors staff jennie
Jennie Mackenzie

My name is Jennie Mackenzie! I have just moved to London with my little dog and am really enjoying it. I come from a background of nursing and am passionate about helping people be safe, healthy and happy in their own homes.

I look forward to learning about their lives from our very important clients.

Heather Cooper

After being most fortunate to work 32 yrs in the health care field as part of the non medical health care management team my friend and I had a dream. Our dream was to support seniors to remain living in their home/castle.

In 2007 Joan Turner made that dream come true. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to be part of At Your Service For Seniors from the onset.

Having the opportunity to help someone smile, encourage them to do the best they can do and having them say thank you for being part of my life is the most fulfilling experience anyone could ask for.

My passion is spending quality time with my husband, children and 4 grandchildren as well s working at the family wedding DJ business.

Terri Taylor

I can sing-a-long, and find your favourite music, and appreciate all genres of music, concerts and plays. I can scrapbook, make cards, help with memory books, cook vegetarian, make healthy soups, and smoothies, etc.!

I’ve been told that I give a good shoulder massage, and I like to take people on picnics or just take a drive to wherever they would like to go.

Jen Kambulow

As a parent of teenagers I relish my time with my elderly friends/clients. Whether I am doing dishes while having a discussion about the current state of the world, picking up much needed groceries or just lending a willing hand with housework, I do it with a smile.

I love helping to extend the independent lifestyle of seniors. I enjoy cooking/baking, as evidenced in my employment at Dishington’s Tearoom in Lambeth, reading, spending time with my family and enjoying a cup of coffee over shared wisdom.

Barb McIntyre

I do enjoy my time working with AYSFS! I find it very gratifying to see the difference you can make in a senior’s life just by spending time with them. I have a very special bond with each of my clients and love them to bits.

I have taught in our Children’s Church for over 20 years, also help in our children’s program, Awana for the last 8 years. I find pleasure working in my garden and watching the birds while I’m working in my kitchen. I do love to cook and bake healthy foods. I am married with two wonderful adult children. Love my family and my job!

thoughtful at your service for seniors staff gail
Gail Balch

My name is Gail Balch and I live in the country village of Lobo with my husband and two of our six children. I am also a very proud grandma of 6 fabulous grandchildren. When I’m not caring for seniors, you will find me in my garden or walking my dogs.

One of my favorite things to do outside my home is to teach my Sunday School class and, of course, go shopping !!

smiling kind at your service for seniors staff Julijana
Juliana Bennett

After caring for my mom (who was my best friend) when she became ill, then needing palliative care; I discovered that caring for people in the later stages of their lives was something I really enjoy doing.

My Christian background helps me help my clients understand their journey from this world into the next. I love to be their advocate, friend and sometimes their teacher. In turn they teach me so very much from their own personal life experiences that it has helped me become more compassionate, empathetic and hungry to become a better person each day. The people I have been set up with have brought me so many rewarding experiences and I feel so blessed to be doing a job that makes a difference.

Julia Russell

I was a child care provider in my home for 18 years. I have taught piano lessons for 26 years. I also teach singing lessons. I retired from child care and started working with Seniors about 3 1/2 years ago.

I love to spend time with seniors. They have so much to teach me about life: from bird watching to cleaning to shopping, cooking, singing together on walks, driving to appointments or listening to amazing life stories. I find working for At Your Service for Seniors very wonderful.

Gordon Sloan

After working for many years with children at a Toronto Paediatric Hospital, I’ve now turned my sights on the other end of the scale and have an interest in helping out Seniors.

After seeing my own mother’s struggle with aging and her difficulty in getting to appointments and doing simple chores, I’ve decided that At Your Service for Seniors would be a good fit for me at this time.

Ted L pic
Ted Leonard

Ted has a great sense of humour! He also, as per comments from seniors that have had his assistance, is very caring and considerate – anticipating their needs and responding in a gracious manner.

Ted is very musical and has been honoured with a Juno award for his excellent guitar playing.

Jess Schweyer

My name is Jessica Schweyer and I have been with Community Living London for 20 years working with adults who have physical and intellectual disabilities.

This role has touched my life in many ways and taught me a great deal about appreciating things through someone else’s eyes. I enjoy working with seniors for many reasons. I have always found that they have interesting stories about their lives. I find their perspective on life interesting and often they have a fabulous sense of humour. I enjoy reading, photography, hiking, swimming and cooking in my spare time.

Bonnie Pitts

My name is Bonnie Pitts and I believe “home is where the heart is”. I feel passionate about assisting seniors to stay in their homes as long as possible. A little help around the house, a listening ear, perhaps the occasional shopping trip may be just

what a senior needs to “feel the love” again. I am a country girl at heart, although I now live in the city with my husband and our 6 year old son. I give to my community by volunteering at my son’s school.

Jeanne pic
Jeanne Walker

After over 20 years as a massage therapist in London, I moved back to my hometown of Cambridge to care for my mom in her last years. It was the most wonderful experience I ever had and I learned that being of service to seniors was the work I wanted to do the rest of my life.

It took a while to find the right organization when I moved back to London, but when I found AYSFS I knew I was home. I love spending time with seniors, getting to know them and helping them fulfill their needs, wants and accessing things that bring them joy. In my spare time I enjoy walks along the many river trails in London, time with friends. and working with a local cat rescue.

Lesley pic
Lesley Neable

My name is Lesley Neable and I have 4 wonderful children. I have worked in the health field my whole life. Caring for people has always been what I enjoy most so caring for seniors seemed like a natural fit for me.

I love hearing the life stories of my clients as well as news about their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Seniors have lived so much of their lives that it’s a privilege for me to get to assist them in their daily routines and living. I feel blessed to be able to work for AYSFS and to be doing a job that gives dignity, love and care to people who couldn’t deserve it more.

Becky pic
Becky Bint

This occupation seemed a perfect fit after caring for my grandfather for 20 years. Seventeen years of that was driving him around for chores and visits to see his friends one day a week. It was a joy to listen to all the stories.

He became ill and it was decided I’d move in to help care for him so he could stay in his own home longer. We’d work on getting the stories down to his pictures for his family tree. The daily news was read to him and discussed at length. He passed away a few years ago. I’ve realized I miss listening to the stories of days past.

Ted C pic
Ted Cantle

It would be an honour to serve you. I’m a handyman and can do most household jobs, from vacuuming to repairing leaky taps, to installing dishwashers. Do you like good food? Great! because I love to cook.

Do you like Guy Lombardo, Lawrence Welk, Glenn Miller . . . so do I and I’ve inherited my dad’s music collection which I’d enjoy sharing with you while we drive to your appointments and go “down memory lane”. Whatever we do together, I’m sure we’ll do it with a smile.

caring at your service for seniors staff renee
Renee Riley

I have spent the last decade at home as an at home parent and a childcare provider. I have enjoyed my time with the school aged children in my care over the years but when it came time to look at working outside the home I just knew that it had to be with Seniors. One of my dearest friends was a Senior I met while volunteering at a community centre in Ottawa. He was a wonderful man with a quick wit and I enjoyed spending time with him. I want to offer support to Seniors in their home and assist them in daily activities. I can’t iron, but I can bake and know my way around a vacuum cleaner. When I am not working outside the home I enjoy spending time with my family. I love to read, go for walks, watch movies and spending time with my pets.

thoughtful at your service for seniors staff dipika
Dipika Datania

My name is Dipika Datania, living a simple life and serving the humanity with honesty. Working as a senior care provider and a companion to provide excellent services and care for beloved seniors. Calm, frank, enthusiastic and hard-working. Origin is India and heading a great life in Canada. Studied homoepathy back home and worked in a health centre for 5 years. Fond of cooking and travelling.

Betty Johnston

I have recently retired after 28 years as a Pharmacy Technician. I was looking forward to the next step in my life. I found that I missed the people who were a daily part of my job. I realized that helping people of all ages was very satisfying to me.

That is why I decided to be an Associate for AYSFS. Being able to help a person, whether it is driving them to an appointment, shopping, visit a friend, clean or just sit and talk will not only help them in everyday living but also give me a opportunity to give back. I believe AYSFS is a good fit for me and looking forward to this new phase in my life.

I have been married for 43 years to my high school sweetheart (Jim). We have two boys, and 3 lovely grand-girls. Love spending time with them all. I enjoy walking, shopping, attending events, lunches/breakfasts and going to movies with my friends.

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