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marilyn and Eileen


Whether it’s an ear to listen to stories of the grandkids, or hands to play checkers, or a brain to help with the crosswords, we can offer up our selves…

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Young manin a car

Transportation & Accompaniment

Whether it’s a walk in the park with you, a ride on paratransit or we drive you in the car, we can transport and accompany you to shopping, outings &…

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notebook and Cell phone

Arrangement of Appointments

Let us arrange your next appointment. Dentist? Doctor? Lawyer? We will cover all the details (including transportation) so you don’t have to. Go back

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Communication Assistance

Let us assist you to compose that ‘Thank You’ letter or the note to the cable company. Whatever the mode of communication is, we can help it get from your…

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A woman is teaching Grandma how to use computer

Home Computer Assistance

The world is just a few clicks away, we can help you go where ever you desire; or you can stay at home and answer all those emails! Go…

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